Radio Shuttle Storage system

Radio Shuttle Storage system

The radio shuttle system is a perfect system for deep storage. 

Radio shuttle system (RSS) is a semi-automated solution, using the same Drive-in concept of the deep aisles. 

Pallets are placed at the beginning of the aisle by the forklift and delivered to the end of the aisle by means of Radio Shuttle. 

The Radio shuttle is remotely controlled by a remote control to the stacking and retrieving operations of pallets. 

The Radio shuttle system utilizes the forklifts usage and reduces the risk of accidents as the forklift doesn’t go inside the aisle. 

Radio shuttle dramatically increase the storing capacity and reduces aisles to minimal. 

Unlike the Drive-in system, the Radio shuttle system has no limitations on the aisle depth. 

RSS, can store different SKUs in different levels at the same aisle. 


  • Increase storage capacity
  • Reduces aisles


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