Personnel Lift

Personnel Lift

BEECO Personnel Lift is a perfect choice for indoor use as it is compact in size and can pass through narrow doorways and corridors if necessary to reach the desired location.

BEECO Personnel Lift has articulated outriggers that can be unfolded easily and reach up to 11 meters with sliding upwards motion. This motion type allows operators to easily reach narrow elevations.

BEECO Electric Scissor Lift comes with the safety features necessary for the protection and safety of the operators, the machine and the load.

BEECO Electric Scissor Lift maintenance and services can be done on the ground via BEECO’s mobile support units without moving the equipment back to our factory. BEECO also offers phone support for all its electric Scissor Lift models. 

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BEECO Personnel Lift is equipped with anit-fall protection for the safety of the operators in board of the Scissor Lift’s platforms.

BEECO Scissor Lift is equipped with overload protection to prevent the operators from lifting overload if on board load exceeds maximum load.


BEECO Personnel Lift is equipped with manual descending leavers to descend the Scissor Lift manually in case of any electrical malfunction.

BEECO Personnel Lift is equipped with supporting steel wires for additional safety and stability.

The PL series is equipment with safety chains and wires as an extra safety measure to enusre maximum saftey for operators. . 

BEECO Personnel Lift is manufactured for a maximum load capacity of 130 Kg and so become suitable for 1 operator to climb on the platform to finish his tasks.

  • With the compact design BEECO PL series can reach narrow elevations and move in condensed areas.
  • The platform has a safey barrrier to ensure operator safety.
  • BEECO Personnel lift has a light service weight so it can be easily pulled.

Available Models

PL 9

PL 11


Warranty 1 Year

24 Hours Initial Contact

Serving Egypt

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Mobile Service Units

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