Hand Pallet

Hand Pallet

BEECO Hand Pallet is the most effective hand pallet in the market, thanks to the 30 years of experience and to the compact design that makes our hand pallet efficient in VNA applications.

BEECO Hand Pallet is manufactured with floating front axles to ensure that all wheels are constantly in full contact with the floor in order to prevent unnecessary torsion of steel chassis.

BEECO Hand Pallet has controlled lowering speeds for safety of the load and is equipped with a control handle that has three Fingertip control positions (Raise - Neutral - Lower). 

The hand pallet has pallet entry wheels and tandem fork wheels to facilitate the pallet entry and make the operations smoother.

BEECO Hand pallet is designed for heavy duty applications and non stop work as it is a low maintenance equipment. 

Capacity2500 - 3000 Kg.
Max. Height205 mm
Min. height85 mm
Fork width520 & 680 mm

BEECO Hand Pallet can be equipped with different wheel options:

Fork tandem wheels

Fork entrance wheels

Polyurethane wheels

Rubber wheels


  • Integrated Pump
  • Three positions lever for lifting/lowering and neutral postion ( pulling position )
  • Sealed Bearings
  • Floating Front Axle
  • German made oil seals
  • Compact structure
  • Heavy duty body made from 3.5 mm steel
  • VNA application
  • Low maintenance
  • Foot pedal release system
  • Pallet entry wheels


Warranty 1 Year

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