Mobile base pallet racking

Mobile base pallet racking

Mobile base racking is an electrically operated racking solution where the racking system is being installed on mobile bases which move on steel rails fixed to the ground.

Mobile base racking system is one the most economic racking solutions in terms of space utilization unlike the traditional selective pallet racking where the racks are always surrounded by service aisles which increases the wasted space this system eliminates the repetition of service aisles as it requires only one aisle to be created which will be used for all the bays.

The system operates using a remote control which is responsible for giving the orders to the mobile bases to move and open only forklift aisle that is needed any given time to retrieve or store the desired pallet from the desired bay which provides 100% selectivity 

  • Highly increase land utilization, only one aisle needed
  • Electrically controlled using remote control
  • Safety photocells to prevent accidents with operators


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