Manual Stacker BEECO BHS 1000 285

Manual Stacker BEECO BHS 1000 285

BEECO Manual Stacker is designed and manufactured to facilitate the handling of palletized goods in warehouses, production facilities and/or hypermarkets as the Stacker has a compact design to facilitate maneuverability inside narrow aisles.

BEECO Manual Stacker has a sturdy profile manufactured from rigid steel which enables it to lift a load of up to 1000 Kg to a height of 285 Cm.

BEECO Manual Stacker has controlled lowering speeds for safety of the load and is equipped with a control handle that has three Fingertip control positions (Raise - Neutral - Lower). 

BEECO Manual Stacker wheels have nylon front and rear wheels for silent running and their steering angles can reach up to 230 degrees to ensure high maneuverability accuracy. 

BEECO Manual Stacker has Foot Pedal Lowering mechanism for controlled lowering speeds to ensure load safety. 

BEECO Manual Stacker maintenance and services can be done on the ground via BEECO’s mobile support units.

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Max. Lifting height (mm)


Load Center (mm)


Mini. Lifting height (mm)


Overall Length (mm)


Overall Width (mm)


Overall height (mm)


BEECO Manual Stacker comes with tandem wheels for increased stress resistance.

BEECO Manual Stacker can be equipped with Polyurethane wheels for greater load bearing capacity with all the benefits of rubber tread from shock absorption and impact resistance, noise reduction and floor protection.

BEECO Manual Stacker is equipped with a steel grid to protect the operator from the chains that operate the stacker

  • 1000 Kg Lift to height of 285 Cm
  • Controlled Lowering Mechanism
  • Sealed Bearings
  • Sturdy Profile


Warranty 1 Year

24 Hours Initial Contact

Serving Egypt

Hotline Support

Mobile Service Units

On Ground Inspection