Live Pallet Racking

Live Pallet Racking

Live racking system is kind of FIFO deep storage system where the pallets are placed at one side (entrance side) of the racks and delivered to the other side by means of gravity rollers.

When the operator takes a pallet from the exit side of the rack automatically the second pallet moves forward by the gravity rollers and stop at the end safely thank to the breaks, mechanical stoppers and pallet separators.

Live racking is one the most cost effective storage solutions as it helps to utilize the warehouse because the system eliminates the picking aisles created by the conventional systems.

It’s the perfect solutions for intermediate warehouses and buffering operations where a production line is feeding another production stage.

Unlike the Drive in system the live racking system can store difference SKUs in the different levels at the same aisle which makes it a versatile system.

Live pallet racking reduces the travel time by forklifts leading to productivity increase and decreasing energy consumption.

  • Increases storing capacity, reduces forklift aisles
  • Serves First in, First Out (FIFO) concept


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