Drive in/thru is a deep storage racking solution which increases the space utilization up to 70% more than the other traditional storage solutions unlike the other systems the forklift has to move inside the aisles to store and retrieve the pallets, this solution is designed to store product which come in bulk quantities.

Unlike traditional racking system which uses picking aisles drive in/thru racks eliminate the picking aisles so maximum benefit of warehouse space can be achieved which makes Drive in racking solution is a perfect solution for freezers of cold stores as cost effective system

BEECO drive in racks is ideal for different industry applications such as: food distribution centers, fragile pallets which can’t be stacked above each other, high volume consumer goods centers and dispatch areas where pallets must be removed quickly and in bulk conditions.

Drive in racks are used with wooden standard Euro pallets or steel pallets where the pallets are stored from one side and retrieved from the same side when FIFO principle is not a must, while if a FIFO principle is a must Drive thru racks can be designed where the pallets are stored from one side and retrieved from the other side of the racks.

When choosing to use Drive in racks it’s very important to take into consideration the forklift dimensions to be used with this system, aisles width must be calculated carefully to accommodate the forklift easily SO BEECO OFFER Guide rails can be used to guide the forklift if the forklift is equipped with side wheels so that maximum safety can be ensured during operation.

  • LIFO system
  • Increase the floor utilization


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