Long Span shelving system

Long Span shelving system

Long span and short span shelving is the ideal solution if you are storing small objects such as spare parts, cartons, textile rolls. Where the goods can’t be handled by a forklift and only handled by hands.

It can be designed for small, medium and heavy duty loads. The system contains different types of shelves tailored to the type of goods.

 A 1 tier or multiple tiers system can be designed to maximize the benefits from the space and increase the number of stored products inside warehouse, thanks to the fixed stairs and gates that can be added around the racks the system is fully accessible at anytime and you can reach your goods easily without any prearrangement.

It is ideal for textile industry, automotive spare parts, and retail stocks. 

  • Steel shelves, or wire mesh shelves can be used
  • 1 Tier or multiple tiers can be designed to maximize space utilization
  • Industrial elevators can be integrated to lift up goods to multiple floors


Now with BEECO your one stop logistics solution provider, you will be able to optimize your warehouse by installing STOREGANIZER as a stand alone solution or within your existing warehouse.
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