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The reputation of the Badawy Group has been growing over the years in the field of providing services to other manufacturers. Manufacturing cooperating concept has been a corner stone in The Group production orientation, The Group has always considered its facilities a valuable tool which can be used to serve any manufacturing demands in the market. The advanced CNC and miscellaneous working technologies enable the group to provide top services in producing custom per order works by operating multiple specialized and fully equipped manufacturing divisions.

Beeco’s services are mainly about Sheet Metal Applications and Materials Machining; Services involve Beeco’s new cutting/slitting sheet metal line, manufacturing machinery spare parts, moulds and dies using CNC technologic machines, inspection of dimensions and creating live models on 3D coordinates measuring and inspecting machine, electric cabinets and power transformer enclosures.

The slitting operation is another special service provided by BEECO to its customers. The slitting operations in BEECO are performed using state of the art slitting machines owned by The Group.

BEECO also provides maintenance services for all products sold to its customers as well as necessary maintenance services to any material handling machines owned by the customer.

CNC Services

Accurate CNC Services is a full service CNC Fabrication Shop that specializes in cut jobs, fabrication, and/or assembly jobs of any nature. We serve several customers in many different industries.


Sheet Cutting/Slitting

We provide machining, Sheet metal cutting, and slitting services for manufacturers and many businesses.