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Badawy Group has an organization structure with well defined working positions. The nature of activity and type of posts available in the organization offer good opportunities for a diversity of promising career paths. The working environment is a challenging one with a family and a friendly like atmosphere.

The Badawy Group family accommodates about 400 staff members ranging from skillful craftsmen to proficient managers and directors. These are the pillars of The Badawy Group, upon which the Group depend to maintain the competitiveness edge as well as the BEECO reputation in the market.

BEECO believes that the top most valuable asset is its manpower. The Badawy Group thus strives to improve and sharpen the skills of its employees throughout on job training and workshops. The Group always seeks to attract and retain the employees by maintaining a healthy family atmosphere at work. By that, BEECO guarantees the gradual increase of mutual trust and loyalty between BEECO and its employees, which will eventually improve the level of services and the quality of products offered to BEECO’s customers.

Work Conditions

  • Good organization structure and well defined job description.
  • Job grading and career path according to industry standards.
  • Conformance to Labor policies and procedures.

Work Benfits

  • Continuous workshops and on job training.
  • Transportation to and from work to main stations.
  • Competitive salary scheme.
  • Medical Care and social support.

How to Apply

The Badawy Group announces for any available vacancies and will interview applicants to accept competitive candidates to fill the position.

If you are interested to apply for one of our available vacancies at BEECO, we welcome you to fill in the following form and submit it to the HR Department.

Application Form


sales coordinator female

خبرة 1 سنه على الاقل Apply

sales specialist

Experience of 3 - 5 years Apply

Production Engineer

3-5 Years experience is an add Apply

Planning Manager

10 Years experience Apply

HR SPecialst

3 Years experience Apply

Planing Specialist

5 Years experience Apply